Phoenix MMA the Souths Leading Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Opened in 2010, Phoenix MMA has made its mark as one of the top Mixed Martial Arts gyms in the UK, training fighters from around the world helping them compete in some of the largest organisations in Europe.

Phoenix MMA coaches not only help professionals progress, they dedicate time guiding adults and children to gain confidence by learning new skills, increasing fitness levels and improving their mental and physical wellbeing. This is all achieved in our friendly and relaxed atmosphere, that makes taking part in any class an exciting experience where new friendships are always made.

300 classes

300+ Classes

Over 300 classes a month across our Academies in Bournemouth and Southampton

mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts

Train with novice Mixed Martial Artists through to professional Fighters who compete in Cage Warriors, Europe’s largest MMA organisation

bournemouth gym

Strength and Conditioning

Push yourself at our Bournemouth gym with a selection of cardio, strength and resistance machines, as well as free weights and punch bags

UWCB Bournemouth


We are Bournemouth’s official gym of the charity organisation Ultra White Collar Events, supporting Cancer Research UK



Relax after a hard workout in our sauna or use it to help cut weight before competition (SOUTHAMPTON BRANCH ONLY)

changing rooms

Shower & Changing Rooms

Our recently refurbished changing rooms are immaculate and secure


Located in Winton, Phoenix MMA Bournemouth plays host to an exciting range of classes for all ages. No experience necessary – come along and learn how to defend yourself and meet new people along the way.


Opened in 2013, Phoenix BJJ Southampton has a selection of daily classes for anyone wanting to start learning the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or that already has a firm grasp on their technique but wants to take things further with dedicated practitioners.

Mixed Martial Arts for Teens

Mixed Martial Arts for Teens

Mixed Martial Arts training can provide teens with a host of different physical, mental and emotional benefits. It encourages discipline, boosts confidence, teaches self-defence, increases strength and agility and so much more! As parents, it’s important to recognise...

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Phoenix Winter Gathering

Phoenix Winter Gathering

We finished off 2022 with our annual BJJ Winter Gathering, a great opportunity for us to get together, roll and have some fun. Huge thanks to all that attended and congratulations to those that were awarded stripes and belts! You can find out more about our Brazilian...

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Mixed Martial Arts Training Bournemouth

Mixed Martial Arts Training Bournemouth

Great work from everyone in the MMA class at Phoenix MMA in Bournemouth with coach Xavier Sedras. Classes are every Monday at 7pm - Go here to find out more about our club memberships: Join Phoenix MMA

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