Phoenix MMA the Souths Leading Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Opened in 2010, Phoenix MMA has made its mark as one of the top Mixed Martial Arts gyms in the UK, training fighters from around the world helping them compete in some of the largest organisations in Europe.

Phoenix MMA coaches not only help professionals progress, they dedicate time guiding adults and children to gain confidence by learning new skills, increasing fitness levels and improving their mental and physical wellbeing. This is all achieved in our friendly and relaxed atmosphere, that makes taking part in any class an exciting experience where new friendships are always made.

300 classes

300+ Classes

Over 300 classes a month across our Academies in Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth

mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts

Train with novice Mixed Martial Artists through to professional Fighters who compete in Cage Warriors, Europe’s largest MMA organisation

bournemouth gym

Strength and Conditioning

Push yourself at our Bournemouth gym with a selection of cardio, strength and resistance machines, as well as free weights and punch bags

UWCB Bournemouth


We are Bournemouth’s official gym of the charity organisation Ultra White Collar Events, supporting Cancer Research UK



Relax after a hard workout in our sauna or use it to help cut weight before competition

changing rooms

Shower & Changing Rooms

Our recently refurbished changing rooms are immaculate and secure


Located in Winton, Phoenix MMA Bournemouth plays host to an exciting range of classes for all ages. No experience necessary come along and learn how to defend yourself and meet new people along the way.


Children’s and adult BJJ, along with MMA and Boxing classes are all available at our Gosport gym. Children learn discipline and adults get to lose weight and gain confidence all in a unique way.


Opened in 2013, Phoenix BJJ Southampton has a selection of daily classes for anyone wanting to start learning the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or that already has a firm grasp on their technique but wants to take things further with dedicated practitioners.

New Location!

We’ll be opening a new gym in a location to be announced very soon!


We’re preparing for the time we can get you all back on the mats. We’ve undergone Covid safe training, and will be continuing to do more. We’re renovating, fitting sanitising stations with WHO approved alcohol gel and performing and continuing a deep clean of the gym and all the equipment. We’ve got more cleaning equipment for the mats and have lots of cool things to welcome you back.

We don't have cardio though, we’ve got none of that anymore...but we can all get that back together.

Miss you all and hopefully we can see you all soon!

Old news but still relevant

Unfortunately it's time (sad Bruce Buffer voice).

Due to the coronavirus, we're shutting up shop until told we can reopen.

We're going to spend the time deep cleaning everything and watching the news for updates and regularly reviewing the situation. We will be reviewing weekly based on new information to be given by the government, WHO and UKBJJA and we'll keep you all as up to date as possible.

We've held off for as long as possible, but staying open any longer wouldn't have been right. In good conscience, we can't put students, their families or members of our community at undue risk. This is bigger than martial arts and combat sports. This is life or death for some.

Thank you all for reading and for sticking by us through tough and crazy times. You're all family to us and we appreciate all the support. We're seeking the opportunity in adversity and looking at the best ways for you all to continue your training and progression.

So far these are what we're working on for all of our members (to check your membership contact Sarah or Josie) ...

• Try to run online classes using Facebook live - especially at standard class times. Also, we'll be uploading lots of videos from Jimmy and Micah covering various techniques and drills.

• Populate the Phoenix MMA youtube with as much as possible (…)

• Come up with a few training plans that people can have for either solo or partner drills

• Some yoga for BJJ videos

• A free PT during this fortnight for those fit and healthy folk.

• For anyone who can get to Bournemouth, Jason has offered a free S&C PT

• For the kids, as well as the videos, we are looking at running some kind of weekend training camp type thing when we are back open, so they get a few hours of training in, and lunch etc

• On these pages are lots of other BJJ resources which will help during these trying times...

Other options we are going to explore and try and figure out...

• Organise some 'welcome back' type seminars to get us back in the swing of things. Hopefully we can subsidise these as much as possible for our members as a thanks for sticking with us.

• Look at the possibility of running small group sessions for people at the gym - they can attend one a fortnight (so they have the 14 day period between sessions) plus must know all the risks and follow guidelines. We need to figure out the logistics, hygiene, risks and if this is acceptable/allowed! It might be taken completely out of our hands as they could force us to close completely.

• Open mats but you come in pairs and stick with the same partner and we'll mark out training pods on the mats as to keep you far enough away from other pairs. Again we'd need to figure out the logistics, hygiene, risks and if this is acceptable!

In regards to memberships: we are a small business that operates just enough above the break-even line to pay its staff, equip the gym and open the doors to offer you and your children some of the best Martial arts instruction available.

We do it for the love rather than the money, but of course money has to be made.

Understanding this, some of you have kindly agreed to keep paying your monthly direct debit even in your absence. To you, hand on heart we are utterly grateful and humbled.

To the others who might insist on cancelling your memberships: if you can afford it we urge you to reconsider and bare with us through a time that might well cripple us as a gym. Without your ongoing support we cannot promise that you will have a club to return to once this has all cleared.

Again thanks for all the support. Stay safe and keep in touch - hopefully we'll see you all sooner rather than later.

Phoenix MMA Bournemouth, Southampton and Gosport

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