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Boxing remains one of the most popular had-to-hand combat sports in the world. Participants must develop astute timing and an extensive range of striking techniques, that will assist them in physical engagement in the ring against an opponent.

At Phoenix MMA, we’ve developed programs in our boxing classes to introduce the fundamentals of boxing to newcomers, and assist experienced members improve technique, stamina and conditioning. We start with basic moves and stances, striking drills and head and hand defences, before moving onto advanced practices and cardio workouts to improve endurance.

We train a vast range of people, from those who simply enjoy boxing classes as a method of keeping fit, to those preparing for the next Phoenix Fight Night. If you decide to come along you may even train with professional MMA fighters getting ready for their next Cage Warriors appearance – but don’t worry, although different abilities do train together, if you come face-to-face with someone more experienced than you, there’s no fear of being outclassed, as we instruct everyone to show respect, and rather than take advantage of someone less skillful than them, use it as an opportunity to help increase their opponents confidence whilst working on their own head movement and defence. no one ever walks away from a class feeling bad, we work together as a team to help each other improve.

Visit one of our Boxing Classes at our gyms in Bournemouth, Southampton and Gosport to experience the exciting sport of boxing, with professional coaches and friendly members.

Equipment: Before coming along to a class, it’s recommended you purchase a pair of 16oz gloves, hand wraps and boxing boots. A vest top or t-shirt and shorts should be worn.










boxing classes

The celebrated sport of boxing has seen an increase in popularity due to the advent of White-Collar Boxing, which presents an opportunity for people with no prior experience, to climb into the ring and fight someone with similar abilities as their own in a boxing match for charity.

We’re proud to be the Ultra White Collar Boxing’s official Bournemouth gym, and help would-be fighters train for 8 weeks, before fighting one of their peers in front of a 2,000-strong crowd at the BIC.

If you’re interested in signing-up to the next event, you can find out more on the UWCB website.

History of Boxing

Boxing, which is often referred to as “the manly art of self-defence,” is the sport in which two participants strike each other with their clenched fists inserted into padded gloves, whilst slipping side-to-side, rolling and using footwork to evade the returning shots. First conceived in Ancient times, there are early depictions of of boxing scenes as early as 336 B.C. With it being introduced in the 23 Olympiad in 688 B.C.

In Ancient Rome, boxing was a popular spectator sport, often, purchased slaves were used against one another in a shrewdly draw out circle on the floor, which is where the term ‘ring’ came from. Later, as the rules changed and the Marquess of Queensberry Rules were introduced in 1867, the brutality was minimised and it became more of an art. The fighters began using techniques and honing their skills, but it’s the last 50 years where we’ve seen the sport shape into the spectacle we see today.


Unfortunately it's time (sad Bruce Buffer voice).

Due to the coronavirus, we're shutting up shop for the next fortnight.

We're going to spend the time deep cleaning everything and watching the news for updates and regularly reviewing the situation. We will be reviewing weekly based on new information to be given by the government, WHO and UKBJJA and we'll keep you all as up to date as possible.

We've held off for as long as possible, but staying open any longer wouldn't have been right. In good conscience, we can't put students, their families or members of our community at undue risk. This is bigger than martial arts and combat sports. This is life or death for some.

Thank you all for reading and for sticking by us through tough and crazy times. You're all family to us and we appreciate all the support. We're seeking the opportunity in adversity and looking at the best ways for you all to continue your training and progression.

So far these are what we're working on for all of our members (to check your membership contact Sarah or Josie) ...

• Try to run online classes using Facebook live - especially at standard class times. Also, we'll be uploading lots of videos from Jimmy and Micah covering various techniques and drills.

• Populate the Phoenix MMA youtube with as much as possible (…)

• Come up with a few training plans that people can have for either solo or partner drills

• Some yoga for BJJ videos

• A free PT during this fortnight for those fit and healthy folk.

• For anyone who can get to Bournemouth, Jason has offered a free S&C PT

• For the kids, as well as the videos, we are looking at running some kind of weekend training camp type thing when we are back open, so they get a few hours of training in, and lunch etc

• On these pages are lots of other BJJ resources which will help during these trying times...

Other options we are going to explore and try and figure out...

• Organise some 'welcome back' type seminars to get us back in the swing of things. Hopefully we can subsidise these as much as possible for our members as a thanks for sticking with us.

• Look at the possibility of running small group sessions for people at the gym - they can attend one a fortnight (so they have the 14 day period between sessions) plus must know all the risks and follow guidelines. We need to figure out the logistics, hygiene, risks and if this is acceptable/allowed! It might be taken completely out of our hands as they could force us to close completely.

• Open mats but you come in pairs and stick with the same partner and we'll mark out training pods on the mats as to keep you far enough away from other pairs. Again we'd need to figure out the logistics, hygiene, risks and if this is acceptable!

In regards to memberships: we are a small business that operates just enough above the break-even line to pay its staff, equip the gym and open the doors to offer you and your children some of the best Martial arts instruction available.

We do it for the love rather than the money, but of course money has to be made.

Understanding this, some of you have kindly agreed to keep paying your monthly direct debit even in your absence. To you, hand on heart we are utterly grateful and humbled.

To the others who might insist on cancelling your memberships: if you can afford it we urge you to reconsider and bare with us through a time that might well cripple us as a gym. Without your ongoing support we cannot promise that you will have a club to return to once this has all cleared.

Again thanks for all the support. Stay safe and keep in touch - hopefully we'll see you all sooner rather than later.

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