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Muay Thai, Thailand’s national combat sport, has become one of the most celebrated sports in the UK. The United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation (UKMF), particularly, has been at the heart of the continued expansion of the Muay Thai art across the UK. Unlike other forms of martial arts, Muay Thai encourages competition and sparring to develop personal timing for effective striking. Whether you want to compete in the ring, get physically fit, or enhance your self-confidence, Muay Thai can help you achieve any of these goals effectively.

This combat sport, popularly known as the art of 8 limbs, is a striking stand-up art that utilises four sets of limbs to attack an opponent. These limbs include the knees, elbows, kicks, and punches. Fighters of Muay Thai are also conversant with stand-up grappling or clinching which enables them to bring their opponents to submission by throwing them to the ground. Since the art demands complete body conditioning and mental discipline, the benefits that come with training in Muay Thai are countless.

At our three Phoenix MMA gyms in Bournemouth, Southampton, and Gosport, we offer you everything you need to be acquainted with Muay Thai. We help beginners and advanced Muay Thai practitioners to develop skills, mental agility, and techniques required in learning the art. Training classes are available for individuals of all ages.


Benefits of Muay Thai

There are numerous mental and physical benefits that come with learning Muay Thai. If you are sceptical about the sport, have a look at these benefits.


Mental Benefits


Enhanced Self Confidence

Having the right skills to defend yourself makes you feel confident about your body and your general self. And that is one of the goals that Muay Thai sets out to achieve. Apart from self-defence, the sport teaches you that your body is a tool of expression, giving you the confidence needed to express yourself through your body.


Stress and Anxiety Relief

Majority of people are faced with stressful events every day. Most people think that sparring and fighting add more pain to the stress that they could be dealing with. On the contrary, training in Muay Thai helps to relieve practitioners of anxiety and stress. Muay Thai requires you to focus on your opponent’s moves as you strategise on how to counter-attack them. Such focus leaves little or even no room for anxiety and stress. Muay Thai trainers are skilled to help you channel every stressor out of you.


Mental Agility

Firstly, Muay Thai is a stress reliever, which is critical to enhancing one’s mental agility. Additionally, Muay Thai requires fighters to engage multiple strikes and techniques to defend a single attack. You will be required to either throw a counterpunch, block the strike, or completely move away from your opponent. These are decisions that will demand you to think and act quickly before the opponent brings you to submission. During this time, your mental reflexes are sharpened; as muscles and brains tend to communicate more efficiently together.

Muay Thai Bournemouth

Physical Benefits


Cardiovascular Conditioning

None of the other martial arts comes close to delivering the kind of cardiovascular conditioning offered by Muay Thai. Muay Thai places some significant stress on an individual’s cardiopulmonary systems, resulting in enhanced cardiovascular performance. The cardio training offered in Muay Thai is what most practitioners of this art take pride in. They can fight for up to five continuous rounds without getting exhausted or looking weak, thanks to Muay Thai.


Self Defence

Every other form of martial arts or fight training is objective when it comes to self-defence. For Muay Thai, however, there are unique moves that will give leverage against your attacker regardless of how strong they may look. Muay Thai is so practical when you are dealing with real-life situations. You can use the clinch, elbows, or even your knees to counter your attacker. Muay Thai also trains you to have the capacity to throw, sweep, and dominate an attacker, especially when they have control of your waist, wrist, or head.


Physical Fitness

One of the things that you should expect to see after you enrol for your first Muay Thai class is the sudden loss of weight. There is a lot of punching, kicking, and hard physical training in Muay Thai. It is obvious that such activities contribute to fat loss as well as burning off significant amounts of calories.

Most people pursue Muay Thai for physical fitness, and the art has proven to be beneficial in achieving their fitness goals. In addition to facilitating weight loss, Muay Thai also works out multiple muscles within the same span. Since Muay Thai utilises eight limbs to counter an opponent, all the muscles around the core, hips, glutes, arms, waist, shoulders, and traps are efficiently worked out. The result is physical fitness and strength.


Enhanced Hip Mobility

There is a lot of knee movements and kicking in Muay Thai. These movements enhance your hip mobility, which will prove to be a health advantage for the rest of your life. Healthy hips prevent you from experiencing severe pain or other medical conditions later in life, even after retreating from Muay Thai.


Core Strength

Core strength is a phrase that you will come across whenever Muay Thai is mentioned. This has something to do with the strength of the abdominal, pelvis, and back muscles. The rotational routines of Muay Thai add to the strength of your core. Clinching, defensive movements and striking are also critical when it comes to core strength.

Core strength enables fighters or martial artists to get along physical activities with ease. We have the skilled trainers in our gyms to enhance your core strength when undergoing your Muay Thai training.


Join a Community of Muay Thai Enthusiasts

In addition to the numerous physical and mental benefits that are linked to Muay Thai training, you get an opportunity to be part of an amazing community in all our three gyms. Each session of the Muay Thai training is driven by virtues, mutual support, passion, and goals that are shared by the members of the Phoenix MMA Muay Thai community. This community will encourage you to reach your fitness target and to continue with your training when it gets tough.

Muay Thai is not a course that you will pursue alone. Once you enrol for our Muay Thai training sessions at any of our gyms, you can be sure that you will interact with people with incredible reputation in this martial art and those with the same fitness goals as you. You will get a privilege to share in their personal stories of their journey into Muay Thai.


Muay Thai Gyms in Bournemouth, Southampton, and Gosport

Our Phoenix MMA gyms across the UK are equipped with every facility you need for your Muay Thai training. We also have a Kids Muay Thai program that is set to offer training to children. Muay Thai training is fit for everyone. Our experts and specialists will provide you with the expertise, knowledge, and training you need to be acquainted with this combat sport, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

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