Muay Thai

Often called the art of 8 limbs, Muay Thai or sometimes simply called Thai boxing, is the national combat sport of Thailand and incorporates stand-up striking techniques, alongside clinch and neck wrestling. Like all full contact sports, Muay Thai requires complete body conditioning, making it an excellent method for losing weight or toning muscles, as the rigorous training regimes require entire body movement.

At Phoenix MMA, we instil the mental discipline and physical endurance required to practice Muay Thai, and turn even the most mild mannered beginner into a force to be reckoned with. Enjoy taking your time to learn the fundamental techniques without pressure to compete, or if you’re keen to face an opponent, we can help you develop your skills by drilling the punches, kicks, knees, elbows, offensive and defensive techniques all needed to compete in the ring.

Equipment: For Muay Thai classes you’ll need 16oz gloves, shin guards and loose fitting vest top or t-shirt, and shorts should be worn.










History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai can be traced back to the middle of the 16th century. A fighter named Nai Khanomtom was captured during battles between the Burmese and Siam. The Burmese were aware of his fighting skills so offered him a fight in exchange for his freedom. He won and was hailed a hero by his people and his fighting style became known as Siamese-Style boxing, which was later renamed to Muay Thai.

The popularity of the sport grew in Thailand, with spectators eager to watch opponents fight in the ring, and rapidly became more popular during the 19th century when Thailand’s King became interested in the sport.

Muay Thai is now celebrated throughout the world, with gyms dedicated to the sport found in most towns, if you’re interested in learning more, why not join the class at Phoenix MMA, you’ve got nothing to loose and only a stronger, healthier lifestyle to gain!


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