Wrestling boasts a huge range of styles and is one of the oldest forms of one-on-one combat, it’s a martial arts activity that involves physical engagement between two contestants (wrestlers), with each of them trying to get an advantage over their opponent. By physical engagement, we mean that the contestants adopt practices ranging from takedowns, grappling, throws, joint, pins, clinch fighting, and locks. All these moves aim to render the opponent weak by using your body weight and muscular strength.

At Phoenix MMA we have one of the most decorated wrestling coaches instruct our wrestling classes. Kane Charig was for several years a member of the GB judo team and is a current member of the GB wrestling team and has a wealth of experience in competitive wrestling.

Equipment: For wrestling classes you’re recommended to wear wrestling shoes, tight fitting vest or tshirt, shorts and mouthguard. Headgear isn’t essential but helps protects ears.

History of Wrestling

Wrestling is classified among the oldest forms of martial arts, with its history dating back to about 15,000 years ago. The early day literature materials reveal that the cave drawings found in France had people wrestling. The drawings showed that the ancient people participated in wrestling activities and even recorded them as drawings since they did not have any writing materials.

During the early days, the Bible also mentioned something to do with wrestling. Genesis, the first book in the Bible, points out that Jacob, the patriarch, wrestled with an angel of God, who later renamed him Israel, which means “wrestles with God.”

By the 15th century, wrestling’s growth continued to increase, and in this era, it was a game enjoyed by the noble families in Japan, England, and France. European migrants who moved to America carried their wrestling practice with them and introduced it to the Americans. With time wrestling became more popular in America, eventually becoming an essential part of holiday sports, county fair games, and an integral part of military training. The first National tournament happened in New York in 1888.


Modern-day Wrestling

The introduction of this sport in the present-day sports industry happened in 1904. The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) was the first wrestling governing body formed in 1912 in Belgium.  In 2004, women wrestling was acknowledged as an internationally accepted Olympic sport. Under the FILA regulations, wrestling is divided into three categories:

  • Greco-Roman – This is the most widespread type of wrestling today. Here the contestants are prohibited against hitting each other under the belt or using legs for self-defence.
  • Freestyle accommodates both genders, and unlike the Greco-Roman Wrestling, here contestants can use their legs for defence.
  • Amateur Wrestling – it houses different kinds of wrestling activities like the beach and pankration fighting.

In wrestling, victory comes upon holding the rival down to concede defeat.

Today, learning institutions such as high schools and universities have adopted wrestling as a sporting activity for learners. Introducing learners and kids to wrestling plays a significant role in teaching them some self-defence techniques and improving their concentration and focus levels. Additionally, wrestlers get to improve their general health through workouts, which also helps them keep fit.

Our Phoenix MMA gyms in Southampton, Gosport and Bournemouth accommodate people of all ages and gender where they attend different classes as per their fitness needs. Feel free to join our wrestling expert team and begin your path towards achieving your fitness goals.


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