Wrestling boasts a huge range of styles and is one of the oldest forms of one-on-one combat, dating back to the times of the first olympic games. The two fighters work to gain control of their opponent using foot and leg trips, throws, locks, and clinch techniques.

At Phoenix MMA we have one of the most decorated wrestling coaches instruct our wrestling classes. Kane Charig was for several years a member of the GB judo team and is a current member of the GB wrestling team and has a wealth of experience in competitive wrestling.

Equipment: For wrestling classes you’re recommended to wear wrestling shoes, tight fitting vest or tshirt, shorts and mouthguard. Headgear isn’t essential but helps protects ears.










History of Wrestling

Cave drawings from 15,000 years ago portray opponents wrestling, so it’s understood to be one of the oldest forms of combat. The popularity of the sport grew in the middle ages throughout England, France and Japan, with it later becoming prominent in America. It grew in popularity throughout America and could be seen at fairs and carnivals and evolved into what’s seen at collegiate level now.

Why not join the class at Phoenix MMA, you’ve got nothing to lose and only a stronger, healthier lifestyle to gain!